Friday, September 15, 2017

For Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Reunions ~ Returns ~ A Union Has A Reunion ~


In  Life 

a lost slipper found under the bed
forming the pair, comfortably walking away

elderly man and wife leaving for heaven
minutes apart

birds excited choral twittering
filling the foliage,clutching holding on
to twigs, soon silent reunited till dawn

every sunset at the horizon, behind the range
every raindrop's  joyful merging in the ocean
every fruit ripened bursting, fallen
every dinner floor cloth, table abuzz
engulfed in giggling aromas whispers
receding into serene nightly quietude

a darkened descent into an unseen dream

'in the beginning is the end' 

Monday, May 8, 2017

NAPOWRIMO 2017~ Day Twenty Four ~ Soft Smile ~

Poem on a Work of Art

Image result for MONA LISA

Your soft smile,with shining eyes
Expressing a thought that lies,
Deep inside, a world, so full,
Of love and all things, beautiful;
These memories will linger, in my mind,
Bringing lovely sounds in silent times,
Brushing away sorrow and fear,
A cold sigh or a tiny tear;
Oh, why the chains of cruel time
Force me away from these peaceful thoughts
to realizations, so drear and dull;
Is there anything new and great
Outside my little world so straight,
Fresh like the morning dew
Scented like the beautiful rose,
Making me happy,
like your lovely smile.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

For Gillena Cox ~ St James Trinidad and Tobago ~ Monday WRites 98 ~ Clarity in the Clouds

Monday or any day is the day
when dawn breaks bright
breaking darkness it brings all to sight

I keep glancing absorbing 
silent shadows outside
grateful to be alive

able to perceive Monday or any day
the clarity in the skies
broken only by amazing forms

 reflecting purity in flight
up high outloud,see
the majestic clarity

in the clouds, Monday or any other day

Monday, February 20, 2017

For IGWRT ~ Micro Poetry ~ And The Moon ~

and the moon came early shining to show
its presence...have you ever wondered
why it is always so calm ?
see the day has been so warm 
taking the toll energy and heat
sweaty is the body tired,the feet
and the moon comes in,cool
silently to fill the vacant pool
with soothing loving light
staying on till it is the end of night.... 

For Imaginary Garden with Real Toads ~ And the Moon and the Stars and the World"

many a night and day have
I seen the beauty
and grace it keeps its place
this night it was special


darkness descended chasing 
the Golden Light
turning evening into night-
night cannot take over day
nor day can over run night

the moon shines, indebted to the
great source,half running its course
and the stars as jewels and guides
show  travelers on the seas,the ways
to new lands ..
this night as I looked up I
saw  the moon,it was not alone
a companion in the dark skies
what a blessing and a soothing
message ...
See the Light suspended as
a lamp, cutting the darkness ...

I then saw the smile of the star
even from so far
assurance love and comfort 
is around ..just open the heart 
soul and spirit, to receive it...
Look up and smile back'
The Moon has eyes.....