Saturday, February 3, 2018

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Moon ~ Eclipsed It Shines ~

I will write about the moon, soon, I thought
of Timothy Boon, who went up,to the moon
in a balloon, a poem we read in school,like
Godfrey Gordon Gustavas Gore,was a boy

who never would shut the door,the wind
might whistle the wind might roar,but
Godfrey would never shut the door, and
there is more,the shining moon,went along

where ever we went, there was a song,either
a woman with a spindle, or  the sleigh in
the sky, the moon all along shining by, half
its course 'ye ronne' by weeks, and nights

dimming all the lights, for romances secret
or silent prayers,or the summer  gardeners
stance, tending, watering careful, vigilance,

But wait a bit, miracle of miracles, reveals...
astronauts saw it too, heard the Call, All
Power is manifest and when belief  was a test
people us a sign...and Lo, it...the moon

was split in two, joined life
nor air nor water, yet eclipsed it shines...
bright as ever, between Sun and Earth
in peaceful light,in cool joy and mirth...

Friday, January 26, 2018

FOR ~ 'The Poet by Day' ~ Jamie Dedes ~ Ms. Weary’s Blues, a poem … and your Wednesday Writing Prompt- Light Upon Light ~

But lost in that Universe of Light
will “I’ still be?
will “you” still be?
answer me that
What is the character of this Light?
Matter or myth?


             Light is neither matter nor myth
         it is The Only Truth 

in moments when engulfed is the spirit
with warmth unseen, who makes existence
tremble and shiver?  as beads moist appear
 from nowhere, soon to transform
 one to coolness...doors of sight
half shut, flipping up and down, 
'reach out, a voice calls
you hear, 'help me,  oh please, help,
I can't see, it is so dark and 

I am so weak, 'heat 'dark heat, go ...
put on some Light' O Light'
Light Upon Light' 

blues surround as blackness shifts, is it
going to lift or grow less? am I awake ?
or sinking, or rising, ascending into
more darkness...darkness before being
and darkness after? I am not aware...
my being is being created, in fluids unseen
I have no voice, nor breath, it is not Death?
I float and swim, it is so dark...

put on some Light' O Light'
Light Up The Light' 

who do I call? who will hear?
Who will come near? who will bear
the pain and make me well again?
It is The Light The Truth The Unseen One
that is the Character, No Myth or Matter
Look up , it is is full of Light
Look up, it is night, it is bejeweled with Light
Light Upon Light ' and The Book is Bright

and when I once was, in the blues
I did not know what would be
listless weak  helpless was the spirit
in me, would I be? or would I be no more?
doors of sight dimly saw the "saline drip"  bag
drop by drop, drip drip,dropped the drops
would it be dark soon? or I lay...slowly
darkness flew away, brightness made its way

before I knew , brighter it grew till I
 could bear no more
Light it was Light all over me, Light
Upon Light Upon Light, it did stay
till my heaviness was light and
 my blues faded away, away far away

Light the Healer, Light is Blue, see the sky?
up high or see the sea  below
layer upon layer, vast boundless in view
why blue is the color of peace?
Celeste Marion is painted in this hue'
tis holy and sacred and true'
To have hope is good to pray is best
chose the good blue, but be not in the blues'

Light Upon Light is the Ultimate Truth
Turn towards it to be out of darkness
Be Guided, out of fear, out of all 'fright' 

what I leave behind and what I may take
the good deeds I do the joy I make
the help I give the needs I fulfill and all
what for the Lord I share...for Life is a test
and to be grateful is the rest
I will go for 'life is a journey not
a destination' ...from darkness to 

Friday, January 5, 2018

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Doorway' ~ Femininity in Fetters ~

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Lift the latch and

you will find cracks
in the door scarred
traces of hot tempered

sad sorrowful echoes of
screams slaps and strikes
in the tender dwellings of
famished femininity-

whose chest is crammed
with refrains of ugly curses
profane, drafted with hatred

beauty’s blend for care
created for eternal company
stays abused spared not

who will cut the strings
of human bondage
lacerant tortured
Suffering Silent Cry!

What was ancient
ignorant and abolished
made eloquent and sacred

Open the door and you will find
famished femininity current
in countless fetters

slowly visibly tabescent-


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

For 'The Poet By Day' ~ Wednesday Writing Prompt ~

What is on your mind and in your heart as you start the new year? 

The year ends, 
leaving gifts joys and blessings
reunions , joining relationships
for some the time is joyful
for some full of pain
as days of sorrow and parting
come back again

this year I feel peace and joy
yet sorrow and fear move along
for life manifests hungry poverty
threats to security and liberty
enemies restless firing bullets
innocent killing goes on...

some enjoy the snow and play
for them cold snow is a game
some lie shivering,no name
some build bonfires the same
sing dance and be merry
for tomorrow is,no blame

will come to shine and light
my heart says forgive more
make happiness and space 
for others to share, spend less
save more, war looms ahead

who knows what life may have
in store,
work work and work
make life meaningful and easy
for others,help them if you can
smile smile smile
be grateful for all the blessings
look around there are miles
and miles and miles of them

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

December Poetry 2017 ~ Colours ~ By Mir Abdullah

there are many colors
I'm going to tell about
some colors
the first color is orange
it has four blocks
the next color is blue
it also has four blocks
the next color is brown 
it has four blocks  
the next color is black
it has four pieces
the next color is dark green
it has four pieces
the next color is yellow
it has four pieces
the next color is pink
it has six pieces
the next color is light green
it has ten pieces
the next color is red
it has 11 pieces
the last color is off white
it has 20 pieces
and that is all about the color
blocks and pieces